Charge Posting

Demographic Entries

Our accurate data processing ensures clean claims and does reduce denials drastically. Our experienced team registers all patient information with high accuracy. We ensure to choose the correct Insurance codes from the Insurance master list. We capture specific information based on the software and specialty. We have the ability to make accurate entries looking at scanned images.

Our demographics registration process captures accurate patient, guarantor and insurance information.

Our process includes the following checks:

  • New patient or existing patient
  • If new patient, capture all required information
  • Existing patient – Update latest insurance, patient and guarantor information

Charge Entries

Our team has the ability to process both manual and review electronic charge entries available in EHR / EMR. We capture all relevant information from the super-bill like Performing Provider, Referring Provider, Date of Services, Location, Place of Services, Type of Service, Admission Date, Discharge Date, Number of units, Authorization Numbers, Referral Numbers, ICD Codes, CPT Codes, Modifiers etc.,

Our team has the experience to link the correct ICD codes to each CPT code avoiding unnecessary rejections and denials.